The Hausberg
Who does tell that mountains are exhausting one is this one in Kleinarl, highest mountains, the Ennskraxn, a peak victory 2,410m highly is only what kind of real mountain freaks one can, however, take up still much more highly by car nearby Kleinarl the not knows really.
One goes away at it directly in Kleinarl (1007 m). One changes in principle alternately up to the Kleinarlerhütte (1756 m) in the woods over goods and walks! The way outside the tree line over a beautiful Alpine pasture back to the peak of the Penkkopf leaves for the hut which is opened especially in the rest also in winter at weekends!
The Tappenkarsee
Easy mountain equipment and firm footwear are included a well highlighted walk leads to the impressive mountain scenery at the lake of the end of the Kleinarlertals for the romantic wandering aim for the whole family the going time are from the hunter lake approx. 2 hours.
The Jägersee
Of mountains the Jägersee is a popular destination of the outing for young and old with its clear water and surround. the lake simply can be reached across a well fully developed street for the inn Jägersee one can rent little rowing boats during the summer months and it is reed area in the back part of the lake with that over the lake rudern.
Annemarie Moser Pröll
I have grown up in Kleinarl, in the sign of the nature and the skiing. Here I have pulled my first swings and couldn't suspect, that I should become 5fold world's champion, 6fold world cup winner and an Olympic champion later once. I also have sought the strength for my 62 world cup individual victories here, so many, how till now other athlete.
You experience the biggest ice cave of the earth!there is a temperature around 0° of centigrade, natural permanently in the cave also in summer! A leadership lasts for approx. 75 min., how one inspects about 1 km of this cave. One overcomes approx. 130 m of difference in altitude at it. The total length of the cave is 42 km.
Salzbergwerk Hallein
Südlich der Stadt Salzburg, über der malerischen Stadt Hallein am Dürrnberg gelegen, befindet sich eines der ältesten Schaubergwerke der Welt. Hier am Dürrnberg liegt auch der Grund für den legendären Reichtum des historischen Salzburgs. So unscheinbar Salz heute wirken mag so bedeutend war es für die Geschichte der ganzen Region.
Mozartstadt Salzburg
Some talk the town with heart, soul and culture the town of the music, the Mozartstadt, about the most beautiful "town" of the world lovingly so. For Salzburg with its marvellous gardens, the magnificent fortress of "Hohensalzburg" the neat streets, man from all the world, which one for himself here obvious for feeling at home.
Wasserwelt Amadé
You find a special bath and sauna experience for whole year business in the space weather bath water world Amadé into daring margin. An Indoorbecken with countercurrent plant as well as whirlpool bath little child bath, white water channel, and a sensational giant water slide provide clear bath fun with every weather with light and sound.
Stauseen Kaprun
With sloping elevator and bus it goes up except for 2000 m of sea height, in the middle in into the high Tauern, a gigantic sight, all round snow-covered 3000s and between this 2 gigantic reservoir, a technical masterly performance, di with the making of these reservoirs was done. In the area around for "current and ice".
Krimmler Wasserfälle
Once, the water masses boisterously finally put 140 m over 140 m, then over 100 m to it at the last waterfall to the salt oh valley fall away. Again the water develops such an unleashed energy at it that it fine sprays hochsteigt on the opposite valley side again. Fascinating, be in this raging and watch nature for the sight.
The Lichtensteinklamm
Approx. 15 with the car the pure min. remote from Kleinarl pass through an interesting old ravine with wood staircases for the roaring creek and up 100 e meters of for straight rock face up to the gigantic waterfall below! Experience nature for and then still deep ravines like the Liechtensteinklamm on the end.
The Großglockner
Hochalpenstraße winds like a worm except for 2,577 m to the noble white peak!one can watch funny animals like the Mankei (marmots), ibexes and real vultures away.
It is really cool that one can organize a proper snowball fight above here in the middle of the summer.
How already the name doesn't say Kleinarl lies in the Salzburg country that there are castles which one must find out once much, any miracle: however, the powerful castle Hohensalzburg in the city of Salzburg, the castle throw or also small Ruinen. Was is always just thrilling: where one in the past has locked in bad rogues (often also nasty witches).